Welcome to the Hanwell 'Our Bigger Story' website. This is part of the multi media evaluation of 15 Big Local areas in England. The website is an opportunity to follow what is changing in Hanwell as a result of Big Local over a ten year period.

The aim of the website is to share the learning from everything that is happening in Hanwell with other Big Local areas and highlight what works in communities with a wider audience of practitioners and policy makers.

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  • HBL'S After school club - Go Ape trip
    August 17, 2019      Photo
    Hanwell Big Local's After school club got to go out on an adventurous outing to Go Ape. All the children that attended said they enjoyed the trip and had lots of fun climbing in the tress doing the obstacle and coming down the zip wire at the end,This trip was a reward to the children for their attendance at After school club.
  • HBL'S Summer Holiday Club 2019
    August 2, 2019      Photo
    HBL's Summer Holiday Club for children aged 5-12 years living in the Hanwell Big Local Area which was on for 2 weeks. The activities consisted of a range of art activities including decorating wind chimes and bags and lots more! They did cooking which they made pitta pizzas and cheese cakes, They had a sports day which all the children received a certificate. Pulse came in and did a basketball session with both groups and they ended their holiday club with a trip to Oxygen which went down a treat with all the children!
  • HBL'S I Matter Project 2019
    July 16, 2019      Photo
    We had a peer pressure work shop which 19 young people attended, they learned about relationships, drugs/alcohol, how to feel confident in not getting involved in something that you do not want to do. We have done a Mental Health Workshop which 10 young people attended and said it was very interesting, they enjoyed learning about how broad mental health issues can be from depression to Schizophrenia. We then had a Gang Violence and Crime Awareness Workshop which 16 young people attended, this was very informative and encouraged them to pursue their dreams and goal and not to be lead astray by the thought of quick and easy money that most times leads to crime and often prison.
  • HBL Green project - Kew gardens trip
    July 2, 2019      Photo
    The trip was to get inspirations from Kew gardens for HBL Hanwell green project, whilst their they got to celebrate the Chihuly glass sculptures and kew's reflections on nature. The weather was lovely on the day, everyone enjoyed and appreciated being able to go on the trip. One of the attendees gave feed back on how much they enjoyed the day "it was amazing to see the Chihuly glass sculptures which were fabulous I had a great day out".