Angus McCabe


Angus has a background in community development work both in inner city and settings on peripheral estates. His research interests include resident led change, health and crime community based education. Between 2008 and 2018 he was a Senior Research Fellow with the Third Sector Research Centre at the University of Birmingham and led on the 'below the radar' work stream which is researched the experiences of small community based groups and activities. For more information on current work please visit the Third Sector Research Centre website. From 2015 to 2023 Angus co-ordinated Our Bigger Story, the longitudinal multi-media evaluation of Big Local and was involved in the Local Trust initiative researching community responses to COVID-19.


McCabe, A., & Phillimore, J. (eds.) (2017). Community Groups in Context. Local activities and actions. Bristol: Policy Press.

McCabe, A., & Harris, K. (2021). Theorizing social media and activism: where is community development? Community Development Journal, 56(2), pp. 318-337.

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