Rob Macmillan


Rob Macmillan is a Principal Research Fellow in CRESR at Sheffield Hallam University. He has been actively researching aspects of the voluntary and community sector (VCS) and community development for over 25 years, in collaboration with other academics and researchers, policy makers and funders, and alongside key VCS organisations. His main research interests are around the long-term qualitative dynamics of voluntary and community action, the relationships between markets and the VCS, and capacity building and VCS infrastructure. Since 2015 he has been involved in two studies supported by Local Trust – the ongoing ‘Our Bigger Story’ longitudinal multi-media evaluation of Big Local, and research during 2020-22 on Community Responses to COVID-19. His current research is looking at the relationship between the VCS and the Labour Party in a changing political context, and the role and impact of local civil society infrastructure.


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